Integrated solar LED street lights


Integrated solar LED street lights are street lights that use solar panels to harness sunlight and convert it into electricity to power LED lights. These street lights are designed to be self-sufficient and do not rely on the grid for power supply. The solar panels are typically installed on top of the street light pole, facing the sun. During the day, the solar panels absorb sunlight and charge the battery stored within the street light pole. At night, the battery powers the LED lights, providing illumination to the streets.

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High brightness outdoor lamp waterproof IP65 50 100 150 watt price of solar led street light

  • solar panel :

    6V 30W polycrystalline
  • Bettery:

    lithium iron phosphate battery 3.2V 30AH
  • LED chip :

    200pcs SMD3030
  • Materail :

    Aluminum body
  • Waterproof :

  • Charging:

  • Working time:

    18-20hours of sustainable light
  • Packaging:

    2PCS/13.2kgs/CTN 6.3KG 38*11*84/Box
  • Boxes size:

  • Lamp size:

  • LED chip Lumen:

  • Suggesed installation:

    about 8 meters
  • Installation method: wall mounting and arm mounting are acceptable (quotation excluding arm bar):

  • Product standard: lamp head 1 + casing 1 + screw 1 + remote controller 1:

  • :

  • Product description:

  • Details

50w solar led street light outdoor ip65 waterproof 100w 150w 200w ip65 150w solar led street light 50w

Model HZ-TY-006
Power 50w 100w


Light source SMD3030 100PCS SMD3030 200PCS SMD3030 300PCS
Materail Aluminum body Aluminum body Aluminum body
Lamp size 38*11*67cm 38*11*84cm 38*11*115cm
Solar Panel 6V 20W 6V 30W 6V 40W
Lithium Battery 3.2V 20AH 3.2V 30AH 3.2V 40AH
Waterproof IP65 IP65 IP65
Install height 5-6M 5-6M 5-6M
Charging Time 6-8hours 6-8hours 6-8hours
Rain days 2-3 days 2-3 days 2-3 days
Warranty 2years 2years 2years
Control mode

remote control, light control, human body induction

Technical Support: Magic Lamp