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The Main Structure of Solar Street Lights

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Nowadays, solar power products are becoming more and more widely used, and solar street lights are also purchased by many consumers, whether they are installed at home or can be seen on city streets, which cannot save energy and reduce costs. Hongzhun will answer your questions!



Component one: solar panels



The solar panel is the core part of the solar street light, and is also the highest value part of the solar street light. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation capacity into electricity, or sent to the battery for storage. The more common and practical solar cells are monocrystalline silicon solar cells and polycrystalline silicon solar cells. In the east and west areas where the sun is abundant and the sunshine is good, it is better to use polycrystalline silicon solar cells because the production process of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is relatively simple and the price is lower than monocrystalline. In the southern region where there are more rainy days and relatively less sunshine, it is better to use monocrystalline solar cells because the performance parameters of monocrystalline solar cells are more stable.



Component two: solar controller



Regardless of the size of solar lamps and lanterns, a good performance of the charge and discharge controller is essential. So what are the important functions of the controller?



1:System function






●Automatic light switching


●Automatic power reduction (means when the battery voltage drops to the set voltage, the controller will start to reduce the light source output power according to a certain ratio to achieve the function of extending the cloudy and rainy days.



2:Protection function


●Overcharge. Overcharge protects the battery from overcharging, which is a very important function to maximize the battery life.


● Over-discharge. Over discharge is also the protection of the battery, when the battery voltage is low to the set protection voltage, the controller will shut down the load, no longer let the battery power consumption, until the battery voltage is charged again to restore voltage before starting to discharge again.


● Wiring protection. Wiring protection has reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, open circuit protection, all for the protection of the load, if the load has a reverse connection, short circuit, open circuit, then the controller shut down the output to the load. But the battery, solar panels, if the wrong connection, the controller can not be protected, so the wiring must pay attention to. The wrong wiring of the battery and solar panel may directly damage the controller.



3: Error reporting function


The controller is generally equipped with three indicators, which can reflect the current state of the system in different brightness ways, including common faults can also be reported through the indicator. However, each controller manufacturer's indicator lights and the corresponding system status are different, which requires you to communicate with the supplier in time when purchasing.



Hongzhun provides various specifications of solar street light products and after-sales professional services, if you find any problems in the use, you can always get in touch with us! Since the minimum order quantity of each product is different, please let us know the model number of the product at the same time when you ask!

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